It's the mutha-fingering Apocalypse 2018!

Our endless quest to shed enlightment on the Skiderdom has just begun. We have shed our 2017 skin for bigger plans for the new year as we will add new content to our crawling legion mythos and continue older legendary stories on paper, metal and plastic forms.

"With an abundance of down time in the tank, the field and even in war, I began to tap into my creative drive."

_ Tok

Photo by Conner Fine

What's news?

Updated 7.20.17 

Vans Warped Tour is going down in H-town (Houston) 7.30.17!

We got a black van fixed so we are hitting the streets for our Black Van Tour. 

Skiderhouse will be repping our gnarly art locally and we are hoping to meet new and old friends. We wil have a few new goodies including our first wave of official Skider Decks!'s Skider die at NRG Park!

Get your tickets now!

                                             Also...if you're totally in the mood to add some extra fingers                                              to your feet. We will have 3 designs waiting for you with

                                             new ones on the way. Please check us out...


I am very proud the have  wonderful supporters that keep me motivated to fulfill my dreams. We are standing strong one year later as the art grows, the company grows and our community grows. Please check out our Facebook group Castle Spider Skull to connect with some amazing like minded individuals. We have been able to travel to distant lands and soon we will be traveling to a land near you. I have been busy these last 12 months and now it's time for a proper update of the website (Jeez, can you make a video already?). Check back regularly and you might see some new stuff. Don't forget to check out our online store for our unique Skider goodies. Stay amazing and stay SKAF.

If you missed this drop there might be a few surprises a head so keep up with my Facebook page The Olive Knight for drop info and exclusive content.


Keep calm and Skider on...


Tok out!

Victorious Skrawlers

by Tok


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