About me

Where I'm from?

A tale as old as me that only could be told by me. This is not your Dungeon’s and Dragons ride either, but how many times have I wished as my younger self to be transported to a world of fantasy and fright. Like countless other children, I absorbed the 80’s animation in my old living room. I followed combiner robots, elastic superheroes and colorful mythic creatures on their impossible adventures. I started creating my own characters and worlds on wide ruled lines of blue. Many notebooks later I graduated into sketch books with a stern comic book reality. I never would have realized how much Saturdays would create an enriching community in which I can share my worlds and enjoy others.  


What's an olive knight?

Life can bring us to unexpected places. My art had all but disappeared and my job prospects we pretty lean with a growing family. Regardless of many closed doors, there are always opportunites to learn, sustain and rise to surpass expectations. I chose to let the military train me to drive a tank. There is always a little wiggle room for coolness. I was stationed in Georgia and attached to a cavalry unit. With an abundance of down time in the tank, the field and even in war, I began to tap into my creative drive. Just like my creations I needed to be unique. Taking the cavalry units of knights on horseback and combining with the military's affection for the color of olive drab, I have estabilished myself as a modern day green knight, The Olive Knight.



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